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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Lydia was such a helpful resource in the early stages of my blog. Not only has she given me guidance in the right direction, she has been an incredible asset to my brainstorming process.

Her creativity, flexibility, and dedication is top notch. I'd highly recommend her to any new blogger that needs a little extra momentum or assistance in getting started.

- Kristen, Polished on Purpose

I have always been interested [in blogging] but did not know where or how to start. Lydia has helped me overcome my fear.

- Diana, Tiara Toting Lady

I have been struggling with getting my blog off the ground for sometime. I had lots of posts but no idea how to drive any traffic to my site. With the help of Lydia's fantastic tips and tricks, I was able to begin the slow process of getting where I need to be. Seeing progress on a daily basis really does feel good! I really appreciate how understanding she is even with the silliest of questions while providing answers even I can understand.

- Natasha, P & T Publishing

Lydia had a 5 day blogging challenge that I joined because, for some reason, writing is difficult for me to complete (specifically blog posts). So when I saw her challenge I knew I had to join (the Cluttered Genius name sparked my interest as well). Well, aren't I glad I did!!! It was so easy to follow and she was right there for all my questions (which were plenty I'm sure) and answered them right away. I was not only able to get clarity for my first blog post, but I was also able to write my about page with confidence. And I've been using what I've learnt from the challenge for each blog post since. Thank you again Lydia for your support. I absolutely recommend the Cluttered Genius.

- Heather, Home Office Detox

Lydia [has] been one of my top go-to blogs when it comes to questions about blogging! Not only are my questions answered but the posts are such high quality with great attention to detail. There is no doubt that Lydia truly cares about helping others.

If you're wanting quality that will leave you inspired then look no further. Lydia will teach you how to blog with purpose!

- Kayla, That One Birch

If you’re considering starting a blog and have questions, Lydia has answers.

If you’ve started writing but don’t know where to go next, Lydia has advice.

If you’re an established blogger looking to expand your reach, Lydia provides information.

Relatable, encouraging, informational, Lydia is a born teacher. And friend.

- Karen, Baking in a Tornado