megaphone exclamation

But I have nothing to say…

No one wants to read this.

No one will come to my blog.

I don’t have anything to write about.

Lies! All lies!

Different Experiences

If you can tell a story or write a sentence or even share a recipe, you have something to share and something to say.

Here’s the deal. While we all may have experienced similar situations (maybe we’ve all had a kid or we’ve all lost a pet or we’ve all gone to kindergarten), our experiences with those situations vary greatly.

For instance, my husband has a sibling. Only one. I have siblings. FOUR of them. So we both have a similar situation (we aren’t only children), but our individual experiences with those situations are just plain different.

He grew up in the North. I grew up in the South. He says things like, “Walked outside in my sock feet.” I say things like, “I’m fixin’ to go to the store.” We both know what the other means, but the context and vernacular of our childhoods and upbringings give us uniquely interesting stories to tell.

Topics Abound

If you’re finding yourself struggling to decide what to write about, just start brainstorming: what do you know a lot about? Or what do you really enjoy?

A few years ago, I hosted an online live streamed Writer’s Workshop. If you are truly struggling to get words on the screen, I highly recommend that you find an hour and work through this Workshop that I’m adding in below. Note that you will hear me responding directly to live participants. It won’t hurt you to hear what I have to say!

Bottom Line

You have plenty to say — you just need to say it! Don’t be afraid, and don’t hold back!

And if you’re wondering the best way to format those blog posts, I have you covered with Anatomy of a Blog Post.

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