Where can I find free images for my blog posts?

I can just use Google Images, right?

Do I need to ask permission to link to another blogger's post?

How do I create a graphic without getting in trouble?

Copyright. Intellectual Property. Fair Use. Creative Commons.

Sound familiar? You aren't alone.

One of the most prevailing problems I see in the blogging world is copyright and intellectual property infringement.

Many of us are doing it without even realizing it.

In fact, as a teacher, I broke so many rules that I probably should have been sued multiple times. But I didn't know. Until I did.

While the usage allowances may be different between a classroom and a blogger, the basics are still the same.

Come on. Let me teach you all about copyright, intellectual property, and what you need to know to CYA.



Go ahead and get started!


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Copyright for Bloggers

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  • Module 1: Red Tape & Definitions
  • Module 2: Why does Copyright Even Matter?
  • Module 3: What is Fair Use?
  • Module 4: Let's Talk about Licensing
  • Module 5: Resources Galore
  • Module 6: Tools You Can Use
  • Module 7: Attribution
  • Module 8: Final Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts
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About the Instructor

Lydia Richmond (from Cluttered Genius) is a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master's Degree in English Education. She's been teaching since 2000, and has been working online creating courses and teaching high schoolers since 2008.

In 2015, Lydia began facilitating the professional development for her online organization. Additionally, Lydia has taught at the community college level, has been a mentor and facilitator for new teachers, has provided multiple workshops on technology and the classroom, and was once upon a time the journalism/broadcast teacher at the local high school where they started a weekly news broadcast.

When Lydia isn't blogging or teaching people how to blog & use social media, you can find her in yoga pants and a t-shirt hanging out with her four kids and hunky Calculus teacher husband.

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