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"I need a blog, but I have no clue where to start."

"I've been blogging for a while, but I don't have a clue why my numbers aren't growing."

"I want to improve my content."


Don't let starting a blog scare you. It's actually pretty easy. You just need a few tools to get you going.

Lucky for you, I have it all planned out for you.

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I have always been interested [in blogging] but did not know where or how to start. Lydia has helped me overcome my fear.

Diana Anderson, Tiara Toting Lady

Lydia had a 5 day blogging challenge that I joined because,  for some reason, writing is difficult for me to complete (specifically blog posts). So when I saw her challenge I knew I had to join (the Cluttered Genius name sparked my interest as well). Well, aren't I glad I did!!! It was so easy to follow and she was right there for all my questions (which were plenty I'm sure) and answered them right away. I was not only able to get clarity for my first blog post, but I was also able to write my about page with confidence. And I've been using what I've learnt from the challenge for each blog post since. Thank you again Lydia for your support. I absolutely recommend the Cluttered Genius.

Heather Clark, Home Office Detox

If you're reading this right now, I'm guessing it's because you'd like to have a blog, but you just aren't sure how to begin, or what to even write about.

Or maybe you're worried that you aren't a "good" writer or one who has anything to offer.

I started the same way. I was certain that I didn't really have anything to offer the general public.

But that's not true. I've been where you are, and I get it.

A lot of times, the "thing" holding you back is that you need more tools in your writing tool belt.

When you are writing a blog post, an essay, a letter -- basically anything -- you want to be sure you're using the most effective means to deliver that content. Consider this: how successful would your piece on "Why you should never eat squirrels" be if you only listed your personal opinion? You might feel like it had tons of great information, but chances are folks would see your post, start to read it, realize it had no meat (pun intended), and navigate away from your page.

It's also imperative that you know your purpose so you can correctly address your audience. Your audience carries with them a certain level of understanding (or context) about the topic you're discussing. Knowing the proper characteristics and effective elements of each of the purposes of writing will strengthen your writing and reach your audience in a much more productive way.

If you are unfamiliar with these characteristics, you've reached the right spot.

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