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Recipe for Social Media Success

How do you know what social media channels to focus on when you’re first starting out with your blog and trying to build an audience? For someone who is a beginner, branching out from the blog posts can feel overwhelming and quite honestly frightening. But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at how you…

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Hashtags (How to use them)

Hashtag. The first time I ever heard that word, something about it struck me funny. It sounded like a dirty word, and I jokingly told my friend (who is a genius, and who I should have never doubted) that it sounded like she was trying to curse me. I didn’t realize how much I would…

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How to get the direct link to your social media posts

Sharing your specific social media posts can be simple: just click the share button and choose the spot you’d like it to go. But what if you need to grab the specific link? Maybe you’re in a social media share thread in your favorite group (wink wink – join my Blogging Genius group!). Or maybe…

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6 Easy Tips for Pinterest

With all of the available social media channels, newer users can find themselves overwhelmed. Facebook is busy! Twitter is too fast! Snapchat is just strange! One easy channel to work with and learn is Pinterest. Pinterest is like the laid back uncle at Christmas who offers up some really amazing ideas here and there and…

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