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How to get the direct link to your social media posts

Sharing your specific social media posts can be simple: just click the share button and choose the spot you’d like it to go.

But what if you need to grab the specific link? Maybe you’re in a social media share thread in your favorite group (wink wink – join my Blogging Genius group!). Or maybe you’re applying for a blogging campaign and part of the application requires that you provide links to other posts you’ve created that are similar.

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Whatever your reason for finding the specific link, it’s really not that difficult. For a seasoned social media user, it may feel like a simple question. For those who are new to all this fandangled stuff, it’s a legitimate question.

For most social media channels, you can retrieve the specific link to a post by clicking on the date stamp. In many areas, it doesn’t appear to be a clickable link — but it is!


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Google +:

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Facebook:social media links CG.001

And because I really love you, I made you a video to SHOW you just how to do it. You’re welcome.

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